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BSL Act Now

Do I need to spell it out for you? (BSL Act NOW 2022)


December 2021

Charcoal on paper

99cm x 146cm 

Deaf education is not good enough, acknowledging this means real change can happen. Did you know that the majority of deaf children leave school at 16 years old with a reading age of 8/9 years, like me. This has been happening since way before my time and there have been no real improvements, why? Educating the deaf, feels like a postcode lottery, it depends on council funding and the quality of teacher’s motivation and training. This is a very poor system, especially with cutting costs, and being given minimal support in classrooms. How can a child know what they need? How can a hearing parent know what a deaf child needs? Talk to the deaf adults! 


There is no room for emotional support when there is limited access, it is frustrating and isolating to learn when you feel crap. This isn’t good enough, we are not being treated as equal to our hearing peers, mentally or emotionally, to be able to enjoy learning. 


Deaf Education can only change with real changes when you acknowledge that it isn’t good enough. As we always say ‘every child matters’, every child should be given a fair chance to grow and learn. Improving the system with qualified educational professionals would allow every deaf child to thrive. Let’s make the BSL Act Now happen for 2022 and see many more deaf achieving a fair and equal opportunity. 

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