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BSL Tours & Dates

Tate Modern Cezanne

27th feb at 6pm 

Frameless Home - Frameless 

Tour dates:

20th Feb 6pm (public)

22nd march 1030 and 1230 (schools)

12th April 10-12 (chilled session)

23rd April 10-12 (chilled session) BSL 1pm, 4pm

31st May 10-12 (chilled session) BSL 1pm, 4pm

21st June 10-12 schools

24th June (chilled session) 10-12, 1pm. 4pm

16th Aug 10-12 (chilled), BSL 1pm, 4pm

30th Aug 10-12 (chilled)

Chilled session = relaxed, not open to full public, for adults

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