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Coronavirus Art 2020

Out of Order May 2020

Oil on canvas board (92 cm x 71 cm) 


In the current media we hearing daily news from the government in Coronavirus pandemic. It has started in China December 2019 spreading around the world as time goes by. Everyone is at lockdown. Work has stopped. Society is on a pause or in a panic. Yet as time goes by decisions by the government on CV-19 are confusing, unsettling and leave us feeling unworthy. It’s Out of Order and need some logical explanation, understanding and safety before another wave is spread across the nation. This piece focus on the focal point but yet decisions need to be realistic and practical for all without pressure from the impatient and demanding business humans.

Falling January 2020

Size: 70 cm x 54 cm 

Oil on canvas


Zoom July 2020

Size: 61 cm x 61 cm 

Oil on canvas


Diversity isn’t Equality 


61cm x 61cm (oil on canvas)

September 2020 


Often people assume that just because there is diversity within our communities, cultures and work environments that they will immediately also be equal ones. However, I have noticed over the years that we are often blind to the fact that a lot of the diversity we create does not actually lead to equality for all. Remember to see and hear us all. All our voices are unique, even though we may look the same.

Diversity isn't Equality.jpg

Sunday Evening Moods

(July 2020) 

Size: 35 cm x 27 cm (A4) 

Oil pastel on paper


Culture in our Hands

(December 2020) 

Size: 30 cm x 42 cm 

Oil on canvas board

Culture in our hands.jpg
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