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    The idea started here: 2017-2018

Date: 2016 - 2018


Title: Don't Box Me In! 

I am a Deaf Muslim female British artist.  My proposal to Unlimited is to present an interactive public sculpture about contemporary British Muslim identity, highlighting cultural difference and conflicts we feel as a result of eastern and western ideas. I want to express the complexity of Muslim identity in a public space.

The installation of 7 sculptural objects in a shape of a keyhole inserted inside each other that will casted in acrylic textured plastic. The size of these 164cm (h) x 52 cm (w) 3D object with each keyhole shape reduced down size in 15 cm (h) and 5 cm (w). The estimated cost by a fabricator is £40,000.

Rubbena describes the aspects of each sculptural objects;


1:  OWNERSHIP – this gives us an identity, a name when we are born by our parent.

2:  DISABILITY -  it has been discovered the child has a disability, in my case Deafness, in UK there are 1:6 deaf people – this is the 6th object

3:  FAITH – by then as a young child we recognise we have a sense of cultural definition in my case I am a Muslim 4: RECOGNITION – by then I am a teenager I can see freedom and I want to explore it to see who am I as I become a women

5: EQUALITY – I am now a women, I want to feel equal to all

6: FEMALE - I am a person, a women, I would like to fit in society and have a family

7: BELONGING – I can now see who I am, and recognise community values are an important part of our lives as we grow older and be part of the society and understand politics for the future generations.

The installation will occupy approximately eight metres square. Audiences will be curious and drawn to these sculptures because they will have a consistent design and be a mix of colours and textures. Unique about the exhibition will be that the artist is present, ready to engage and talk to audiences about the artwork. Each sculpture is symbolic of the complex and multiple identities of British Muslims. The conversations by the artist about the artwork will open up discussion about contemporary Muslim identity; they will open up discussion about femininity, empowerment, Deafness and Islam. It’s going to be a unique experience and audiences will make their own interpretations about what they see and about who they are! 

My Installations History  to help understand why in my creative journey I want to make, “Don’t Box Me In"

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